Minecraft Fascinating Command Competition.

Minecraft Fascinating Command Competition.

A competition that you can use Minecraft commands to create “fascinating works” that match the theme at the time.

Not only those who can use commands, but also those who have touched commands are welcome.




This competition is held irregularly.

It will be held from Friday to Sunday. (There are exceptions such as holding on holidays)

We will inform you at the time of the event.

It is operated and progressed by tweets of this Twitter account.

All competitions will be held in Japan time



  1. The day before the event: Announcement of the competition

  2. 19:00(JST) on the day of the event: Theme announcement, production time start

  3. Works release date 19:00(JST): Works posting start, voting time

  4. Aggregation date: Aggregation, result announcement

* There are exceptions



  • “Like”…1point

  • “Retweet”…2point

  • “Distribution”(later mention)…+10% of the above total points

The highest-scoring application tweet in total will be the winner.

We always retweets the application tweets.

*It counts the number of likes and retweets displayed.

Even if you like and retweet your works, it will be counted.

Quote retweets are also included in retweets.

* For the fairness of the competition, please refrain from voting in sub-accounts.



If it is Minecraft, it does not matter the platform such as JE, BE.

There are no restrictions on participants.

How to make an application tweet

  1. Put the works video in the tweet.

  2. Write “#MCFascinate” in the tweet.

  3. Write the Theme at that time in the tweet.

  4. (Optional) Write the title and description of the works.

  5. (Optional) Enter the hashtag related to the works.

Participation and application are completed by tweeting the application tweet.

If you use the thread function or quote retweet function, the score of the top tweet or the original tweet will be used for calculation.

Example of application tweet



If you paste the URL where we can download the works with the thread function or with the reply to the application tweet, it will be “distribution”.

You can put the URL as it is in the application tweet. It may not be confirmed by quote retweet.

The distribution should be in a format that allows the downloader to actually play the works.

For the distributed works,  + 10% bonus point will be added at the time of counting. (cut off after the decimal point)

Example of aggregation:

17 likes, 6RT, distributed, the final score is (17 + 6 × 2) + 10% = 31 points

In addition to the URL, it would be nice to add the operating environment (version), JE, BE, etc., and notes on playing.

The distribution site and file format are arbitrary.

Also, the scoring condition is only whether it is distributed or not. We do not consider the content and readability of the command, whether it works normally, the number of downloads, etc.

* As mentioned above, the number of likes and retweets made into tweets of threads and replies added at the time of distribution is not subject to scoring.

Example of distribution tweet

* This distribution is for the purpose of sharing command technology and knowledge.

Please obtain the permission of the creator when shooting the live performance of the distributed works or shooting the video.

In addition, this competition does not allow secondary distribution of works by anyone other than the creator, or falsehood of the creator.

(Works include commands, world architecture, textures and models.)



  • If the works that violates this prohibition wins, the runner-up may win instead.
  • At that time, the management will decide whether or not the prohibited items have been violated.
  • There are no special penalties or penalties such as deductions or prohibition of subsequent applications.

Special prohibitions stated in the holding tweet.

Use of plugins and mods.(Including the shaders etc.)

* building auxiliary plug-in (MOD) and command auxiliary plug-in (MOD) can be used.

* Similar tools can be used. (Notepad, Visual Studio Code, terrain generation tool, external site, etc.)

Editing the video.(Cut, double speed, effects, subtitles, addition of BGM / SE, etc.)

Works that do not include commands.

(・ Paste the video on the texture with an external tool and submit it as it is as a works.

・ Animate the 3D model with an external tool and submit it as it is as a works, etc.)

Re-application with the same works.



JE functions, datapacks.

Use of textures, 3D models and resource packs.

BE add-on.

* However, these textures, 3D models, resource packs, and add-ons can be used within the scope of the above prohibitions.

Joint production by multiple people.

Application for works, videos, etc. that were made before the theme was announced.

* The video in this case also complies with the above prohibitions.


-Other things-

The application works (tweets) will be summarized in Moments in this Twitter account, and a link will be attached to this site.

If you look at “the likes” of this Twitter account, you can see the winning works of past competition.

The accounts that this Twitter account follows are those that have won past competition.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the DM of this Twitter account.

This competition is run by Japanese and this site is made by Google Translate.